artist. teacher. maker. adventurer.

Melissa is an artist of all sorts, who loves to create provocative art installations, and teaches modern art & craft workshops to inspire and bring out hidden creativity. 

Artwork, Installations and Commissions

Melissa is an established Contemporary Artist living in Sydney, Australia and has a Visual Art degree, along with many years experience. She loves to create large scale sculptural installations, artworks, commissions and contributes to festivals and art events.

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The Creative Way Workshops 

4 easy steps to more creativity.

Recharge your creativity. Experiment, play, create. Let Melissa guide you in discovering your innate creativity. Everyone is creative! 

Through a series of specially-selected workshops, Melissa will share different ways to express your hidden talents. Her focus is on you. As a passionate artist and teacher, she will help you unleash your unique creativity - this is where the magic happens! 

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Creative Workshops

Melissa holds a range of workshops aimed at teaching you crafty skills to design your new piece of art, craft or home ware. Come and be inspired, unleash your creativity, get back to your roots, learn new skills, get your fingers moving, and be immersed in the present moment. After all, that's what craft should be all about!  Click HERE to see the full list of workshops.

Artwork For Sale

Melissa has created a small number of art pieces available for sale (or for hire). 

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