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Creative Art Workshops

About Melissa

Melissa Carey is an established Contemporary Artist living in South East Queensland, Australia and her work has been showcased internationally. She loves to create large sculptural installations, contributes to festivals, community events, and has a passion for sharing her knowledge and creativity through teaching art & craft workshops to adults and kids since 2014.

Melissa teaches a range of workshops across Australia, as well as online workshops where you can learn from the comfort of your home. She has taught workshops to thousands of people from all walks of life, and has worked with leading brands such as Google, Atlassian, Salvation Army, and more.

Melissa has taught a range of different workshops such as: macrame, circle weaving, candle making, lace dreamcatchers, leather making, painting, drawing, and more. Melissa has a passion for using sustainable materials and has a casual teaching style to bring out the hidden creativity in everyone. Classes are aimed at beginners with no experience necessary. Scroll down this page to see what workshops are on offer.

Read more about Melissa HERE

See Melissa's Artwork HERE

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Online Workshops & Offerings

MENTOR Sessions - Unleash your Creativity! 

Are you are feeling stuck creatively, or need some guidance? Or don't know where to start? I am here for you.

One of the biggest blocks that I hear is that people say “I'm not creative”. And it’s not true because EVERYONE IS CREATIVE! We all have access to our own unique creativity, it is built within us. 

All we need to do is create new habits and ways of thinking to start “turning on” our creativity to get into the flow. 

Think of creativity like a garden tap, once we turn it on, it flows with water. Sometimes the tap becomes a little rusty, or we forget how to turn it on. And sometimes that’s why we need tools to help us. 

That’s where I can help. I have the tools. 

I’ve been an artist all my life, and now successfully maintaining a career as a full time artist for the last 6 years, I am passionate about passing on skills and knowledge to you! I want to share creative tips and tools with you that I have learnt over the years, so that you can live your most creative life!

During these mentor sessions, I will help you unleash your creativity in practical ways that you can start straight away.

This may look like:

- unblocking your creativity

- healing old stories and limiting beliefs about not being creative

- getting guidance on a creative project

- finding your new (or old) creative passion

- discovering new ways to unleash your creativity

- creating more depth to your creative practice

- gaining more clarity about your "why"

- learn how to manifest your ideal clients

- get tips on how to build your portfolio to win jobs

- have someone backing you and cheering you on! :)

Locations: Sessions are available online through video call, or available in person in the following locations: South East Queensland, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Northern Rivers NSW, and Sydney NSW (limited availability) 

If this resonates with you, Click HERE to unleash your creativity. 

Gift Vouchers welcome. 

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ONLINE Candle Making Workshop / e-course

Melissa has been teaching candle workshops to thousands of people over the last 5 years in Australia, and has poured many candles to sell and for gifts. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and encouraging creativity.

Melissa is now offering an Online e-course where you can learn everything about candle-making from your own home! All you need to do is purchase your candle making supplies and sign up to Melissa's online workshop by CLICKING HERE (This will take you to the e-learning platform "Thinkific" which you can purchase and complete Melissa's Candle Making Course.

Cost of online workshop: $22 US (approximately $37 AUS) - This is the price when using the "Thinkific" E-learning platform above and is US Based, but you will be charged in your currency when purchasing. The payment method is secure through paypal.

DIY Dreamcatcher Kits

It's time to call in your Goddess/Warrior energy to create your dreams! Set your intention to the universe through making your own Dreamcatcher or feather hanging, to create something beautiful that you will look at everyday to affirm your dreams! 

As an artist, I am great at curating beautiful colours, textures and fabrics together in these little DIY Kits so you can stay creative at home, or send some creativity to a loved one and brighten their day! 

All kits are now plastic-free using Hero Packaging

CLICK HERE for more info. 

Macrame Plant Hanger e-book

Macrame is a great way to learn a new skill and also bring some greenery indoors. Since Macrame has been around since the 13th century, this is a modern take on an old tradition. There is something quite meditative about macrame - once you learn the basic knots, it can become addictive!.

This is the beginners guide to learn the basic macrame knots to create your own handmade Macrame Plant Hanger. It contains a detailed DIY guide with step-by-step instructions and images in pdf.

Cost: $7.99 - CLICK HERE to buy a copy

If you also need materials, check out Melissa's DIY KITS HERE

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Kit

This DIY Kit contains everything you need to create your own handmade macrame plant hanger!

Melissa is an expert teacher of macrame and has taught thousands of adults and kids over the past 5 years. She has put together these DIY Kits along with a set of instructions for beginners to learn macrame from scratch, from their own home.

You will learn how to attach the material to the ring, create a spiral knot and a square knot, how to position the pot knots and finish off the hanger. All kits are now plastic-free using Hero Packaging

CLICK HERE for more info.

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Workshops in Person


"Thank you so much for our class last night! We all LOVED it!! We came out if your class so happy and relaxed. You have a very calming way about you. Thank you again!" - Fran

See more testimonials and press about Melissa's workshops HERE

COMING SOON - Intuitive Art Workshop

When was the last time you created art without planning, without an end goal, and just allow your emotions to come through the art?  Do you find it hard to sit with your emotions on your own?

That's what this workshop is all about. Creating the intention to allow your emotions to have a voice, through the paintbrush or pen. Listening to your inner guide, letting your intuition show you what it wants to express. 

It's about holding space for yourself, letting go of the outcome and enjoying the process, while being supported and encouraged in a group setting (or online!) 

I have been on my own healing journey over the past 6 years to heal my trauma, I have tried many different techniques to help express my own emotions, yet art is still the most healing for me. I have also learnt how powerful it can be to hold space for someone, it provides the opportunity for healing and growth collectively. I want to hold space for you, so that you can be the best version of yourself!

I will be sharing techniques and tips on how to express our emotions through art. This is something that I am truly passionate about - art is my way of expressing myself, especially when I don't have the words. It is my therapy and can be an incredibly healing tool. If this resonates with you, that makes me excited, because I want to share my own practice with you, and hold space for you to express yourself! 

What you will get from this workshop: 

- how to hold space for yourself

- how to sit with challenging or big emotions, such as grief, or anger

- how to use art as a form of expressing our emotions

- how to calm your inner critic

- learning new skills through hands-on experience

- handmade pieces using a variety of high quality materials

- guided by a passionate full-time artist

- expert tips on how to be creative

- a better understanding and development of your own creativity

- the opportunity to build new friendships

- small groups to allow for individual attention

Locations: Sessions are available online through video call, or available in person in the following locations: South East Queensland, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Northern Rivers NSW, and Sydney NSW (limited availability) 

"Melissa’s intuitive painting art workshop was an incredible experience. This inspiring space really encouraged me, both to let go and be bold, as I moved through the fear of not painting beautiful enough. It helped me welcome joyful and spontaneous expression. I learned a variety of techniques, worked with vibrant colours and tools. Kept the momentum by moving the body to music, and last but not least, connected more deeply to my feelings and left feeling inspired!" - Amelia

If this resonates with you, Send me a message HERE to join the waitlist.

Private Workshops

Melissa teaches private workshops for people who prefer a more personalised approach, or have a specific creative project in mind. Melissa also holds workshops for birthdays, hens nights, corporate team building or any special events, and can travel to a location and style the event to suit you.

For more details on private workshops, CLICK HERE


Subscribe HERE to stay in the loop about upcoming dates and online workshop release date! For any enquiries about these workshops or to book a private workshop, please contact Melissa or send her an email.

Melissa teaching a Candle Making workshop to 50 people for the Salvation Army Management team in the Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia.

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