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Intuitive Art Workshop - Tickets

$49.00 AUD

Intuitive Art Workshop

When was the last time you created art without planning, without an end goal, and just allow your emotions to come through the art?

Do you find it hard to sit with your emotions on your own?

That's what this workshop is all about.

Creating the intention to allow your emotions to have a voice, through the paintbrush or pen.

Listening to your inner guide, letting your intuition show you what it wants to express.

It's about holding space for yourself, letting go of the outcome and enjoying the process, while being supported and encouraged in a group setting (or online!)I have been on my own healing journey over the past 6 years to heal my trauma, I have tried many different techniques to help express my own emotions, yet art is still the most healing for me. I have also learnt how powerful it can be to hold space for someone, it provides the opportunity for healing and growth collectively. I want to hold space for you, so that you can be a full version of yourself!

I will be sharing techniques and tips on how to express our emotions through art. This is something that I am truly passionate about - art is my way of expressing myself, especially when I don't have the words.

Art is my therapy and can be an incredibly healing tool.

What you will get from this workshop:

- how to hold space for yourself
- how to sit with challenging or big emotions, such as grief, or anger
- how to use art as a form of expressing our emotions
- how to calm your inner critic
- learning new skills through hands-on experience
- guided projects by a passionate full-time artist
- learn extra tips on how to be creative
- a better understanding and development of your own creativity
- new skills how to create more mindfulness in your daily life
- the opportunity to build new friendships and connect with like-minded souls

Note: This workshop is not for artists - it is aimed at anyone who wants more creativity in their life.

Dates & Location:



Your Investment: 


In Person: $49

If you are ready to learn new ways of releasing emotions, and expressing yourself through art, THIS IS FOR YOU!I can't WAIT to hold space for you.

See you there!

Big Love, Mel x

"Melissa’s intuitive painting art workshop was an incredible experience. This inspiring space really encouraged me, both to let go and be bold, as I moved through the fear of not painting beautiful enough. It helped me welcome joyful and spontaneous expression. I learned a variety of techniques, worked with vibrant colours and tools. Kept the momentum by moving the body to music, and last but not least, connected more deeply to my feelings and left feeling inspired!" - Angela

“I attended Melissa's workshop twice, it was really interesting and I loved this new way of looking at my emotions. For a person who considers herself non-creative, I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed expressing anger through destroying and burning my painting. I highly recommend it for everyone!” - Chloe

“The intuitive workshop I attended with Mel was a lot of fun. For me painting was very frustrating and Mel was very supportive, inspiring and assisted me with bringing out my anger onto the canvas. It's a joy seeing her teach, as the love she has for art and inspiring people to bring out their inner artist really comes through her work. Since that workshop my creativity has really skyrocketed. Thank you my friend!” - Will

About Melissa

Melissa Carey is a full-time practising artist, who creates large intricate sculptures and art installations across Australia and internationally. She has a passion for sharing her skills and knowledge, and encouraging creativity in everyone. Melissa has found many ways to help improve mental health through combining mindfulness with her art practise. She loves gathering people together to connect through art. You can see her instagram here: or her website and portfolio here:

Terms and Conditions:

ONLINE: Materials are NOT included in the workshop ticket price, bring your own materials.

IN PERSON: All materials and equipment will be provided during the workshop, unless stated differently within the details of the specific workshop. Materials (including colour options) will be the choice of the artist and will vary at each workshop due to the nature of recycled and up-cycled material availability, giving you a unique experience at each workshop. If you have questions for colour or material choices, please email Melissa for details.

All bookings for workshops must be paid in full to secure each spot before the workshops commence. Refunds are not available but can be transferred to a friend. 

Workshops may be subject to cancellation, if the minimum numbers of attendees are not met. You will be offered a full refund or a credit to attend an alternative workshop of the same value.

Your personal information that is collected for the workshops will be kept secure, private and confidential, and will never be passed on to a third party or company without your consent.

Remember to bring a smile, a positive attitude and willingness for learning to each workshop, so you can get the best out of it! See you there. x

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