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DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Kit

$30.00 AUD

Shipping $10.00 Domestic $20.00 International

This DIY Kit contains everything you need to create your own handmade macrame plant hanger!

Melissa is an expert teacher of macrame and has put together a set of instructions for beginners to learn macrame from scratch.

You will learn how to attach the material to the ring, create a spiral knot and a square knot, how to position the pot knots and finish off the hanger. 

Material: 100% recycled t-shirt yarn, metal ring, instructions

Size: to create a macrame plant hanger that is approximately 1 meter in length, for a small to medium sized pot

Colours (subject to availability): Baby Aqua, Dark Aqua, Black, Grey, Navy Blue, Dark Purple, Light Purple, Dark Green, Magenta, Scarlet Red, Pink, white + more (see below or email Melissa for latest colours:

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