Terrarium Indoor Garden Workshop

Terrarium Indoor Garden Workshops

Bring some lush greenery indoors! A terrarium is the sustainable, low-maintenance indoor garden, and is a beautiful addition to office desks, kitchen tables, or other well-lit spots in your home. During this workshop, you will learn how to create your own terrarium and take home your unique eco-friendly glass garden. 

"Gardening for the Soul" Terrarium and Indoor Plant Workshop

We will use plants and natural materials to create woven shapes, mini terrarium gardens and other organic forms. There will be a beautiful range of elements, hand-picked from nature. Melissa will show you that to create a daily reminder to stay grounded, present and creativity fulfilled.

During each workshop, we will be hands on, using practical ways to be more creative and learning about creative mindfulness. This workshop is not for artists - it is aimed at anyone who wants more creativity in their life.

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This workshop is part of a 4 part workshop series, and is also available as an individual session. CLICK HERE for more info about the Creative Way Workshop series

Bring some lush greenery indoors with a Macrame Plant Hanger.


Learn the basic macrame knots to create your own handmade Macrame Plant Hanger. This ebook contains a detailed DIY guide with step-by-step instructions and images, perfect for beginners. 

Cost: $4.99 CLICK HERE to get a copy


Melissa has put together DIY kits with specially selected materials and colours so that you can make your own Macrame Plant Hangers with guided instructions. (Macrame Wall Hangings coming soon!)

Cost: $30+ CLICK HERE to purchase a kit

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Melissa teaches a range of workshops aimed at teaching you crafty skills to design your new piece of art, craft or home ware.

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