The Creative Way Workshops

4 easy steps to more creativity.

Recharge your creativity. Experiment, play, create. Let Melissa guide you in discovering your innate creativity. Everyone is creative! 

Through a series of specially-designed workshops, Melissa will share different ways to express your hidden talents. Her focus is on you. As a passionate artist and teacher, she will help you unleash your unique creativity - this is where the magic happens! 

During each workshop, we will be hands on, using practical ways to be more creative and learning about creative mindfulness. This workshop is not for artists - it is aimed at anyone who wants more creativity in their life.

Workshop One - "Mandalas & Mindfulness" 

Start off with all kinds of mandalas: painted, drawn and threaded. Melissa will teach you how focusing on the moment, relaxing and enjoying yourself, allows inspiration to flow. You will be shown how exploring mindfulness switches on the brain and your buried creative power.

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Workshop Two - "Weaving, Knotting & Tying Your Creativity" 

Let's turn on our creativity, through circle weaving, macrame knotting and fabric tying. Choose your own project that matches your unique expression. It's time to play and create with our hands.

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Workshop Three - "Gather, Hunt, Collect, Create" 

Play with feathers, leather, driftwood, shells, sea-glass, and other collected bits to create dreamcatchers, wall hangings, leather bags, warrior sticks, and so much more. This is an intuitive-style workshop where Melissa will guide you to complete your individual piece. This class allows you to let yourself be in the moment and create as you go.

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Workshop Four - "Gardening For the Soul" 

We will use plants and natural materials to create woven shapes, mini terrarium gardens and other organic forms. There will be a beautiful range of elements, hand-picked from nature. Melissa will show you that to create a daily reminder to stay grounded, present and creativity fulfilled.

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What you will get: 

- unique workshop experiences, 

- learning new skills through hands-on experience

- handmade pieces using a variety of high quality materials, 

- guided projects by a passionate full-time artist

- expert tips on how to be creative, 

- a better understanding and development of your own creativity, 

- refreshments and sweet treats 

- the opportunity to build new friendships.

Location: These workshops will be held in different locations in Inner West, Sydney


Individual Workshops - $130 per person (including all materials and refreshments & sweet treats) 

2 nights Workshop Bundle - $225 per person (a saving of $35)

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For any enquiries about this course, please contact Melissa or send her an email.

Week Two - Example of circle weaving

Week Two - Example of macrame knotting

Week Three - Example of feathers, leather & materials 

Week Four - Example of a terrarium garden

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