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Berlin Art Residency

My Art Residency Opportunity in September 2016

I completed an Art Residency for 2 weeks in Berlin at Huttenpalast - an eclectic warehouse with retro caravans, and an art studio upstairs. After many coffees, late nights and aching muscles, I completed the art installation and then transported it to Studio Baustelle Art Gallery where my artwork was exhibited for one month. Following the exhibition, the art installation was returned to Huttenpalast where I donated the artwork to, and it lives permanently in Berlin.

The art installation was titled "Connected" which represents the connection between people - how sometimes we want to isolate ourselves and hide away, when what we really need is connection. I used recycled t-shirt fabric to create my own style called "drawing with yarn". The artwork was 2.5 metres tall by 1.2 metres wide. 

DAY ONE // I am feeling inspired by this beautiful studio space that will be my working/living/breathing space for the next week. There's a warm breeze, the sunlight flitters through the curtains and the inspiration is flowing

DAY TWO // Hunting for installation nooks, unpacking deliveries and playing with colour (recycled t-shirt yarn of course)

DAY THREE // After multiple coffees and trips to the art shop, it's time to draw up my installation design!

DAY FIVE // Cutting out my designs today, ready to start "drawing with yarn" tomorrow!

DAY SIX // Time to start "drawing with yarn" and creating the first layer of colour using recycled tshirt yarn

DAY EIGHT // Playing with hot glue = burnt fingers! Nearly finished the first layer, I really love using this recycled t-shirt yarn (a little obsessed really)

Solo Gallery Exhibition at Studio Baustelle

My art installation was exhibited at Studio Baustelle Gallery for one month, and there was an opening night on the 17th September with live music, a bathtub full of yarn with an interactive art inside the gallery (where people took a piece of yarn and added to the hanging interactive art piece - no rules!). There were also small pieces of my work for sale in the second window.  

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