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Melissa Carey is an established Contemporary Artist living in Sydney, Australia. She has a Visual Art degree, along with many years experience. Melissa continues to be inspired everyday by the beauty of life, and uses a wide variety of different mediums, ranging from drawing, photography, printmaking, to sculpture, painting and installation art. She has been teaching creative workshops for adults and kids since 2014, and also contributes installation art within the community through festivals, art exhibitions, collaborations and commissions.

Some highlights of Melissa’s art career are: completing an art residency and solo exhibition in Berlin; creating a large art installation for Air Nightclub; creating a Macrame Commission for Seafolly at 5 stores across Australia & USA; creating a 9 metre woven glowing Tunnel Installation at the Beams Festival; and participating in local community events and festivals.

Melissa regularly volunteers within the community, and a past highlight was working in the art room at Princess Margaret Children’s Hospital at the “Club ADO” – a facility within the hospital for adolescence patients to relax, explore, learn new skills and have fun.

Melissa is passionate about the environment, recycling, healthy eating, taking reflective moments, smiles, watching the waves, philosophy, documentaries, giggles, wandering through forests, and passing on skills through her Creative Workshops.

She grew up in the neighbourhoods of Perth, Australia. She is an adventurer, travelling wherever the wind blows, and has lived abroad in London and Holland, and now resides in Sydney, Australia.


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