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The Spiral of Life Sculpture - Swell Sculpture Festival 2021

 The Spiral of Life

The Spiral of Life represents strength and unity using a helical circle shape when viewed from the front of the sculpture. The helical spiral, as found in nature, is essentially the transmission of energy, radiating out and drawing in, infinitely and eternally. As we exist in nature flowing with energy, connecting to one another and our place it creates an infinite flow of energy – the essence of life itself flowing through us and around us.

The Spiral of Life is inspired by the Fibonacci sequence (the golden ratio), and the spiral form symbolises our connection with nature and ourselves. As everything originates from a spiral, including our DNA, it is a symbol of harmony in nature.

The sculpture was recently on display at the SWELL Sculpture Festival 2021 and had strong responses of awe and appreciation from the community. As female welders make up only 1% of the welding community in Australia, therefore through this project, Melissa challenged the perceptions of what female artists can achieve through welding this entire sculpture herself. Spanning 4 metre tall, the sculpture demands presence when standing amidst this complex helical design.

Melissa's sculpture was featured on the front cover of the Swell Sculpture festival catalogue, as well as being featured on bus stops and marketing around Queensland. She was featured in The Guardian, Blank Street Press, Byron Arts Magazine, listed in the top ten must-see sculptures in The Weekend Edition (read article here), and was featured in hundreds of photos on social media including renowned local photographer Alex Spurway (Instagram @spurwaya). She also received an award for the small-scale spiral sculpture which was part of the Brisbane Sculpture Festival, in which this piece was sold during Swell Festival to a private art collector.

What people are saying about this sculpture:

"I love the way this sculpture flows and disperses energy outwards" - Neil 
"This sculpture speaks to my heart and soul - I just love it so much!" - Julia 
"Such a beautiful expression of the spiral of life. Really captures your inner wisdom and connection to the divine source" - Ojas
"Wow this is amazing, so beautiful, love the energy flow" - Ayla 
"This sculpture was my absolute favourite! I love love love how it changed shape from different angles, so clever!" - Jude 
"This artwork has moved me beyond words! It is spectacular! I can't believe it is being removed (from the public beach location) it's iconic!" - Lyn
"This is amazing! You are such a talented artist and with such a powerful energy" - Empowering wellness 
"This is pretty special, such a great story (behind the artwork), thanks and cheers to you, your talent and beautiful mind" - LJ 
"Congratulations Mel for your brute human articulation of elemental inspiration. But words are nothing to hand forged sunshine and steel in a perfect dance in daylight" - Alan 
"Loved this one the most!" "Geniusly beautiful!" 
"Simply fantastic!" 'Wow this is powerful!" "My favourite piece from our visit today" 

The Sculpture is available for purchase or hire. Please contact Melissa for enquiries HERE

ART PRINTS also available for Melissa's top ten photos of her sculpture during the festival - CLICK HERE to shop

A BIG Thanks to my sponsors Oliver & Andrew at Om Engineering, Marshall Steel and Khody from Artisan Metal. 

Thanks to my amazing team Flyn, Rocket, Leon, Gav, Vinnie, Ben, and the Swell Team.

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through RADF Arts Queensland. @wearegoldcoast #RADF #wearegoldcoast

Photo above of the artist Melissa taken by @natur_media

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE including behind the scenes footage (Click on the image above)

Photo by Tony Elsom @tony_elsom

Photo by Luke Workman

Photo by Missy Miller

Photo by Natur Media

Photo by Luke Workman

Photo by @mrsbrunks

Photo by Christian Bowman @megabowman

Photo by Natur Media

Photo by Natur Media

During the festival, Melissa performed live fire spinning around the sculpture with her friends. Photo by Jo O'keeffe

Photo by Bruce Watts @bowerbirdmedia

Photo by Bruce Watts @bowerbirdmedia


Melissa's sculpture was featured on the main marketing image for the festival and was seen on the main exhibition catalogue 

Melissa's sculpture was featured on the main marketing image for the festival and was seen on bus stops & posters around QLD

Melissa was interviewed by The Guardian about her sculpture. 

Melissa's sculpture was featured in the Byron Arts Magazine for the Swell Sculpture Festival

Melissa and her team testing the assembly of the sculpture

In the studio afternoon light

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