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Private Workshops

// Art Expression Sessions - Activate your Creativity! //

Do you want more creativity in your life, but something stops you?

Are you are feeling stuck creatively, or need some guidance? Or don't know where to start? 

One of the biggest blocks that I hear is that people say is “I'm not creative”. And it’s not true because EVERYONE IS CREATIVE! We all have access to our own unique creativity, it is built within us. 

When we release our blocks and start to create new habits and ways of thinking, we are able to activate our creativity and easily get into the flow. 

Think of creativity like a garden tap, once we turn it on, it flows with water. Sometimes the tap becomes a little rusty, or we forget how to turn it on. And sometimes that’s why we need tools to help us. 

That’s where I can help. 

I have the tools. 

I’ve been an artist all my life, and now successfully maintaining a career as a full time artist for the last 7 years, I am passionate about passing on skills and knowledge to you! 

I want to share creative tips and tools with you that I have learnt over the years, so that you can live your most creative life! 

What does Art Expression mean?

Its about leaning into your creativity, quietening your mind, practising presence, tuning into your emotions and sensations, and expressing this onto the canvas or paper. As we allow ourselves to play and be creative, we focus on the process of creation, rather than an end result. This is how we practise activating our creative flow.

During this session, I will help you activate your creativity in practical ways that you can start straight away. We will work through your creative blocks and what holds you back, and then through meditation and mindfulness we will get into the creative flow and start practising an art activity - you can choose from drawing, painting, sculpture, macrame knotting, weaving, textile arts and more. 

This session may look like:

- unblocking your creativity

- healing old stories and limiting beliefs about not being creative

- getting guidance on a creative project

- finding your new (or old) creative passion

- discovering new ways to unleash your creativity

- creating more awareness of your feelings and sensations

- connecting with your intuition

- learn a new skill or art form

- creating more depth to your creative practice

- gaining more clarity about your "why"

- have someone backing you and cheering you on! :)

Your investment: 

- 2 hours one-on-one session $180

- 3 hour one-on-one session $250 (recommended to allow enough creative time)

So if you are ready to activate your creativity, book in now for a one-on-one session with me. This can either be in person at my art studio in the Gold Coast, or we can connect through a video call.  

Testimonials for Melissa Carey: 

"Melissa’s art workshop was an incredible experience. This inspiring space really encouraged me, both to let go and be bold, as I moved through the fear of not painting beautiful enough. It helped me welcome joyful and spontaneous expression. I learned a variety of techniques, worked with vibrant colours and tools. Kept the momentum by moving the body to music, and last but not least, connected more deeply to my feelings and left feeling inspired!" - Angela

“I attended Melissa's workshop twice, it was really interesting and I loved this new way of looking at my emotions. For a person who considers herself non-creative, I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed expressing anger through destroying and burning my painting. I highly recommend it for everyone!” - Chloe

“The art workshop I attended with Mel was a lot of fun. For me painting was very frustrating and Mel was very supportive, inspiring and assisted me with bringing out my anger onto the canvas. It's a joy seeing her teach, as the love she has for art and inspiring people to bring out their inner artist really comes through her work. Since that workshop my creativity has really skyrocketed. Thank you my friend!” - Will

If this resonates with you, Click HERE to unleash your creativity. 

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Private Workshops in person

Melissa teaches private workshops for people who prefer a more personalised, one-on-one approach, or have a specific creative project in mind. 

Melissa also holds workshops for birthdays, hens nights, corporate team building or any special events, and can travel to a location and style the event to suit you. The size of the workshops can range from one person, to a large group of 50 people or more. 

The class can be tailored to your choice of materials or project. Materials are provided along with refreshments. 

Locations available: South East Queensland, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Northern Rivers NSW, Sydney NSW (limited availability) 

Contact Melissa to book in your spot, request a quote or fill out the form below.

About Melissa

Melissa Carey is a full-time practising artist, who creates large intricate sculptures and art installations across Australia and internationally. 

She has a passion for sharing her skills and knowledge, and encouraging creativity in everyone. 

Melissa has found many ways to help improve mental health through combining mindfulness with her art practise. 

She loves gathering people together to connect through art. 

Read more HERE about Melissa

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