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Fortune Circle Art Installation 2018

Melissa has partnered with Market City Shopping Centre in Sydney, Australia, to create an art installation for the Chinese New Year.

Melissa has created an 8 metre art installation that is a modern representation of Chinese fortune sticks, which are used for good fortune. "Kau Cim", "Kau Chim" or Lottery poetry is a fortune telling practice that originated in China in which the querent (person asking the question) requests answers from a sacred oracle lot. By shaking the container with the fortune sticks, the first stick to fall out has the answer or fortune.

This art installation has been created using hundreds of hand-painted pieces of wood that reference Chinese fortune sticks.They have been suspended to create a helical spiral form. When viewing the sculpture from Level 2, the circle formation is visible, which symbolises harmony, balance and good fortune. 

All Photography by Randall Evans at Envision Videos

Watch the video of Melissa's Art Installation HERE!

Front Side view of the Art Installation

Front Side view of the Art Installation

Floating suspension pieces view of the Art Installation

Back view of the Art Installation

Back Side view of the Art Installation

Back view of the suspended floating pieces of the Art Installation

Looking up at the art installation from the ground, photo by Martin Andersen - Jam Projects

A BIG Thank you to my sponsors: 

Danias Timber, @richstmarrickville @VictoriaRoadPrecinct, and Avtrac Maintenance Planning 

Behind the scenes - the making

Watch the Behind the scenes timelapse of the making and installation of the "Fortune Circle" Sculpture HERE

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