ONLINE MENTOR Sessions - Unleash your creativity!

$120.00 AUD

// ONLINE MENTOR Sessions - Unleash your Creativity! //

I’ve been an artist all my life, and I want to share creative tips and tools with you that I have learnt over the years, so that you can live your most creative life!

One of the biggest blocks that I hear is that people believe they are “not creative”.

There are 2 main factors why they believe this: 

1. People were shamed or put down while they were practising something creative, and that voice became internal, meaning that they started believing & telling themselves that they were not creative. 

2. People put “creativity” in a box with artists. They believe they are not creative because they do not make art. 

And it’s not true because EVERYONE IS CREATIVE! We all have access to our own unique creativity, it is built within us. 

All we need to do is create new habits to start “turning on” our creativity to get into the flow. 

Think of creativity like a garden tap, once we turn it on, it flows with water. Sometimes the tap becomes a little rusty, or we forget how to turn it on. And sometimes that’s why we need tools to help us. 

That’s where I can help. I have the tools. 

Creativity flows more naturally for me, it’s my gift and I have used these creative tools over many years, so that I can tune into my creative flow and turn up the volume on high! And I truly feel that I am now living the most creative life I can! 

If this aligns with you, I’m offering online mentor sessions, where I will help you unleash your creativity in practical ways that you can start straight away.

Melissa x

// About Melissa // 

Melissa Carey is an established Contemporary Artist living on the East Coast of Australia, and her work has been showcased internationally. She loves to create large sculptural installations, contributes installation art within the community through festivals, art exhibitions, collaborations and commissions, and has a passion for sharing her knowledge and creativity through teaching modern art & craft workshops for adults and kids since 2014. Given her background in Project Management, Quality Assurance and Training for 12 years, she is well equipped with the right skill set for managing art projects and events, and teaching creative classes. 

 Melissa has a hands on approach to her artwork, and is involved in every stage of the process, from concept design, to fabrication and installation. Melissa has worked with leading brands such as Google, Ikea, Seafolly Swimwear, Salvation Army, Atlassian, Market City Shopping Centre, and more. To see Melissa's Art Portfolio, head to her website ⠀

// Terms and Conditions // One session is valid for one person. Session is valid for 6 months. Contact Melissa for timeslot.

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