Candle Making Workshop

Melissa is an artist of all sorts, who loves to create large art installations, and teaches modern art & craft workshops to inspire and bring out hidden creativity. 

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Learn how to make your own candles using vintage glassware & Eco-Soy wax to create up-cycled, enviro-friendly candles for your home.

This workshop will take you through the basics of making your own candles, teaching you various pouring, measurements and advice, shared amongst other like-minded 'crafters'. This is an intensive workshop aimed at beginners, aged 18 and above.

What you get: 3 vintage glass candles per person to take home, a set of instructions, new crafty skills, chats and smiles. All glass, materials and equipment will be provided, and extra kits available for purchase. Intimate groups of 6-8 people per workshop. All vintage glassware is purchased second hand and the sizes and styles will vary at each workshop - giving you unique candles every time!

Cost: $130 per person

ONLINE WORKSHOP will be released this month!


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So come and be inspired, unleash your creativity, get back to your roots, learn new skills, get your fingers moving, and be immersed in the present moment. After all, that's what craft should be all about! Lock in your next craft session and take time out for yourself, or bring a friend for a unique night out!

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Candle Making Kits

Melissa has prepared specialised Candle Making Kits with everything you need for your candle making session at home. 

Each Kit Contains:
1kg Eco-Soy Wax (chemical free), 1x 1kg pouring jug, 1x thermometer
6x small wicks, 6x mini pegs (to secure the wicks), 8x wick Stickems (to hold the wicks down), 6x Popsicles with holes (to secure the wicks) & 1x set of instructions

Cost: $75 plus postage - click HERE to buy your kit (Melissa sells kits on her Etsy shop) 

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