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Melissa Carey is an established Contemporary Artist living in Sydney and her work has been showcased internationally. She loves to create large sculptural installations, contributes to festivals, community events, and has a passion for sharing her knowledge and creativity through teaching art & craft workshops to adults and kids. She has worked with leading brands such as Google, Ikea, Seafolly, Salvation Army, Atlassian, Market City Shopping Centre, and more. 

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Bottled Up Art Installation 2019

Melissa created an art installation using suspended recycled bottles. 

The work represents the repression of emotions through the visual form of suspended bottles - as we bottle up our emotions, they start piling up, hanging onto a thread, and once one moves they all move, entwining each other. 

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Fortune Circle Art Installation 2018

Melissa has partnered with Market City Shopping Centre in Sydney, to create an art installation for the Chinese New Year. Melissa has created an 8 metre art installation that is a modernrepresentation of Chinese fortune sticks, which are used for good fortune. This art installation has been created usinghundreds of hand-painted pieces of wood that reference Chinese fortune sticks.They have been suspended to create a helical spiral form. When viewing thesculpture from Level 2, the circle formation is visible, which symbolisesharmony, balance and good fortune.

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"Open Heart" Sculpture, 2018

Melissa was commissioned by the Liverpool City Council to create a giant heart sculpture for the feature piece at the 'Eat Your Heart Out Festival' in August 2018, surrounded by amazing food, arts, markets, music and culture.

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Ikea Art Installation, 2018

Melissa created an art installation for @ikea_Australia for the #cottonconversation night using suspended raw cotton flowers, along with re-purposed Ikea cotton curtains to create an organic sculptural form that encourages conversations about where our cotton comes from and how it is used. This natural form with its leaf-like patterns inspired from nature, may be interpreted as a cotton bundle, a floating cloud, or even a mere thought bubble. @ikea_australia are now moving towards more sustainable farming methods of cotton, which means reductions of chemicals and water used during production.

Air Nightclub Installation 2017

Melissa was commissioned by Air Nightclub in Perth, Australia to create a large suspended art installation which contained over a thousand hand-designed acrylic pieces that were suspended using fishing line to create a wave-like 3D shape. 

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Berlin Art Residency 2016

Melissa completed an Art Residency for 2 weeks in Berlin at Huttenpalast studio. The art installation was titled "Connected" which represents the connection between people - how sometimes we want to isolate ourselves and hide away, when what we really need is connection. She used recycled t-shirt fabric to create her own style called "drawing with yarn". The artwork was 2.5 metres tall by 1.2 metres wide. 

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Solo Gallery Exhibition Berlin 2016

Following from Melissa's Berlin Art Residency in September, her art installation was exhibited at Studio Baustelle Gallery for one month, and there was an opening night on the 17th September with live music, a bathtub full of yarn with an interactive art inside the gallery (where people took a piece of yarn and added to the hanging interactive art piece). There were also small pieces of work for sale in the second window.  

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Seafolly Art Installation 2016

Melissa completed a commissioned art installation for Seafolly Australia for their top 5 stores in NSW, QLD and WA, Australia. The installation is made from hand-dyed cotton rope and woven with macrame. The installation was on display during Feb/March 2016 throughout Australia, and also was on display at several stores in the USA. 

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Beams Art Festival Installation 2015

Melissa participated in the Beams Festival held within the streets of Chippendale, Sydney. "Through The Tunnel" was an interactive work, where people walk through a web of woven glowing fabric, creating a unique engaging experience for the viewer, and aimed to unleash their playful, cheeky and child-like side as they duck and weave through the tunnel. The tunnel can be touched, and has a breath-like quality, as it slightly  moves, wobbles and bounces while people pass through. 

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Day of the Dead Festival 2015

Melissa's art installation "Tunnel De Luz" (tunnel of love) was featured as a main artwork at the "Day of the Dead Festival" in November 2015. 

The Artistry, a creative event management and design group, organised this unique festival which was held in a secret location in Sydney. Day Of The Dead Australia is the ultimate celebration of life, at the same time we remember and honour the departed. 

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Oxford Hotel Commission 2015

Melissa was commissioned by Swerve Design Architects and Synergie Projects to create a large macramé art installation for the Oxford Hotel in Darlinghurst, Sydney. Melissa hand-dyed the cotton rope, which transformed into an iridescent orange, worked with her team of weavers to complete the macramé weaving design. The work was then installed in the hotel permanently.

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Pavilion Restaurant Commission 2016

Melissa completed a commission for the Pavilion Restaurant located in the Botanical Gardens in Sydney. Based on the theme of using sustainable products, Melissa used recycled cotton rope that was hand-dyed naturally using coffee and used macrame knotting to create 12 unique plant hangers positioned in the main circular bar area. 

Beams Art Festival Installation 2014

Melissa Carey was a part of the Beams Art  Festival in Sydney - her art installation "Weavings of Light" featured handmade macrame hangings using woven recycled t-shirt fabric, and contained handmade lights with tissue paper. The light sculptures illustrated how light and energy are synonymous with community. As they illuminate the streets they depict how an area can only be Utopian or alive with a community of people supporting it. 

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"Material Pleasure" Art Exhibition 2008

Five emerging female artists joined forces to present an art exhibition titled "Material Pleasure" at Heathcote Gallery in Perth, Australia. After recently completed their studies in Visual Art, the graduates displayed works that take a playful and interesting look at the theme of materiality in art. Melissa used photography, drawing and print on gauzy fabric and paper to express a yearning for the inner child and for higher spiritual ideas. 

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Blues N' Roots Music Festival 

Melissa was commissioned to create a sculpture for the Blues N' Roots Music Festival in Perth, Western Australia. She created a giant steel treble clef. 

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Site-specific Installations

Melissa has created numerous site-specific art installations and sculptures for different festivals, commissions and events around Australia. Here is a quick overview of her works over her art career.

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