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Textile Art Workshop

Textile Art Workshop

Everyone has a story to share. 

Learn how to express your story through the use of textiles to create your own art story board. 

Join Melissa for a special insight into how Melissa creates her fabric and textile artworks. You will learn different techniques of working with fabric, and create your own textile art piece to take home. All materials will be provided during the workshop, which will include a hand-picked selection of yarn, fabric and textiles in a range of modern colours to choose from, along with a wooden board. This is a beginners intensive workshop, suitable for ages 18 and above. 

Recharge your creativity. Experiment, play, create. Let Melissa guide you in discovering your innate creativity. Everyone is creative! 

Through a series of specially-designed workshops, Melissa will share different ways to express your hidden talents. Her focus is on you. As a passionate artist and teacher, she will help you unleash your unique creativity - this is where the magic happens! During each workshop, we will be hands on, using practical ways to be more creative and learning about creative mindfulness. This workshop is not for artists - it is aimed at anyone who wants more creativity in their life. 

What you will get: 

- unique workshop experiences

- learning new skills through hands-on experience

- handmade pieces using a variety of high quality materials

- guided projects by a passionate full-time artist

- expert tips on how to be creative

- a better understanding and development of your own creativity

- the opportunity to build new friendships

- small groups to allow for individual attention

What you will make: 1 textile art board per person (choose from a beautiful selection of hand-selected colours of yarn, fabric and rope to weave with), along with your new new crafty skills.


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So come and be inspired, unleash your creativity, get back to your roots, learn new skills, get your fingers moving, and be immersed in the present moment. After all, that's what craft should be all about! Lock in your next craft session and take time out for yourself, or bring a friend for a unique night out!

To secure your spot, click the date and workshop above, or for any questions: email Melissa

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About Melissa

Melissa is a Contemporary Visual Artist and has completed large art installations and sculptures using different fabric and textiles. She has a passion for using recycled materials and hand-dying fabric and rope to create a unique look and feel to the work. She has worked with leading brands such as Ikea Australia, Seafolly Australia, and more. 

For more images of Melissa's artwork, CLICK HERE

For more info about Melissa, CLICK HERE

Image of Melissa during her art installation for Ikea Australia (left)

TESTIMONIAL: "It was a pleasure to spend this evening with this creative soul learning the art of Macrame. I hesitated to bring my girlfriend thinking it was a little outside the male comfort zone, I couldn't have been more wrong. Apparently the men get a kick out of tying knots too! So If your short on a partner (or cant coax them along) get a group of girls together, take a break from going on the drink and learn something new!" - Michael. 

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Example of Melissa's fabric artwork as part of her Berlin Art Residency and solo art exhibition - click here for more images and details

Example of Melissa's fabric artwork as part of her Berlin Art Residency and solo art exhibition - click here for more images and details

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